Pakistan: Karachi’s gang war

REPORT – This bustling market place in North Karachi is the centre of a gang war. One of the city’s poorest and most dangerous areas… Lyari is considered a Baluchi stronghold. But only a few days ago three of its members were kidnapped. Visual report live from the scene of events, between 3 seconds and two minutes long. 4 news reports daily broadcast from 6.15 am.

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  1. ilovecivilengg says:

    ts the time that we SINDHIS be united for a free SINDHU DESH,becoz Pakistan is creating troubles for our Sindhi people.

    Long live Free Sindhu Desh


    I know, i love the United States but the whole Middle East is a fucking melting pot. We shouldnt get involved but we have to according to the goverment…

  3. surfing4lifeful says:

    karachi ko bas un hona tabah kr rkha ha jo apna city choor ka yha aagae badmashi krna …apna city ma nhi kehta ka flana hmara ha..

  4. RanaQuetta says:

    My Country Pakistan, We r very emotional, And we r breaking our country and love to blame USA and Europe Though we love $ from US as a cheap beggars. We r very Hypocrate, so called muslims, but we love to milawat in every thing, We love to ignore reality..though..we r fucked up.. Its Real Pakistan, where we kill each other on the name of islam

  5. Ali Hassan says:

    hahahhhahaha lol

  6. crazybiceps11 says:


  7. cenkNL says:

    has this to do wiht shia-sunni?

  8. PakHidOsama says:

    @28Jokr Even though Pakistan has innocent people, it doesn’t matter to the US. US is just a bunch fucking faggots who do drone strikes to kill women and children. Japan has innocent civilians yet they bombed Japan with 2 atomic bombs. US is gay and is ran by Jews

  9. guilsonlouie says:

    What a nice edit

  10. 28Jokr says:

    you cant bomb Pakistan. there are innocent people so of course America wouldnt bomb it. but if they are that BEASTY as you say then why did America lose in the Vietnam War? and before that in the first world war, they were thinking about going to war with HORSES. oh and just so you know, China has a better army

  11. PakHidOsama says:

    @tylergilpin Yea the US army is so beasty that’s why they’re getting their ass kicked by Talibans that swing on monkey bars for training. Ya that’s beastly alright…And America uses bombs all the fucking time. You guys use DRONES to do your work. DRONES killed Gaddafi’s son or grandson. So what are you trying to prove? You guys use Drones to kill your enemies

  12. tylergilpin says:

    ok well obviously your stupid so whatever

  13. tylergilpin says:

    AMERICAN ARMY IS BEASTY AS FUCK. devil12 the only way you guys defend yourselves is ak 47 and fuckin rpg’s. we stay and fight while you use roadside bombs to do your fighting. honestly if we wanted to we could bomb the shit out your country and walk away but we stay and fight fair so THE FUCK YOU SAYING

  14. tECHN9NE1116 says:

    Gay as bitch burn in hell. 911 was an inside job ! Your brain washed Country is run buy jews. Dumb fuck ! go watch your fake as wrestling bitch laughing about how poor they are. Makes me fucking sick ! People like your is why the world is fucked up. I hope when WW3 starts this year because of USA china invades USA and makes you a slave

  15. tECHN9NE1116 says:

    !!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS FUNNY ABOUT BEING POOR ! i hope your mum gets raped buy a pack of arabs and gets fucking aids piece of shit.

  16. S3Danis says:

    hahahaha poor pakis

  17. defuser786 says:

    yes this is another grim reminder, of our PAKISTANi police dogs need regularly feeding, We should get together and kill all the police whom take bribes and let the politicians come to justice for them killing the innocent PAKISTANI. PAKISTAN WILL NOT BE SUCESSFUL UNLESS THEY SORT THEIR JUDICIAL SYSTEM OUT. KILL ANY POLICE OFFICER IF YOU FIND THEM GUILTY OF BRIBERY.

  18. 5HaUn1000 says:

    it is fucked already…

  19. greazfar80 says:

    This Report is Against MQM Main Part of This Situation from Liary Amman Comatti Hold by Zulifaqar Mirza!

  20. mehmood104 says:

    big vedio

  21. sadia163 says:

    No support Zulfiqar Mirza Sindhi,Bulchi,Urdu,Pakhton,Saraki peopes,
    O­nly support him racitst Panjabi Khalistani peoples
    Pakistan bachao panjabio se jan chorao nahi to ya ek ek karkay pakistan ke sari qumo ko mar mar kar pakistan ke tokray tokray kar dange

  22. texasoutlaw979 says:

    ahhahahahahah these ppl are poor!!!


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