VICE Guide to Karachi: Junkies, Scavengers, and Crocodiles (Part 4/5) – Karachi Video

VICE Guide to Karachi: Junkies, Scavengers, and Crocodiles (Part 4/5)

Sure, we hear about violence in Pakistan all the time, but in 2011, more than three times as many people were killed in Karachi than the number of people killed in American drone strikes in the tribal areas. VICE explores the seedy underbelly of this ultra-violent metropolis of more than eighteen million people, and meet the players who make Karachi one of the craziest cities on earth. Hosted by VICE Founder Suroosh Alvi Follow @SurooshAlvi on Twitter: Part 1/5: Part 2/5: Part 3/5: Part 4/5: Part 5/5: On a lighter note, VICE throws a party in Karachi: Watch more VICE documentaries here: Subscribe to VICE: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like VICE on Facebook Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our tumblr:

15 Responses to “VICE Guide to Karachi: Junkies, Scavengers, and Crocodiles (Part 4/5) – Karachi Video”

  1. thisisCHOPZZ says:

    omfg how can i stop this “LIME AWAY” commerical on here? I cant even find this damn ads to stop. So i tried to refresh the vid but it just keeps playing over n over n over n over

  2. SteelCityDucati says:

    The United States has sent this country $20,700,000,000 in aid since 2001. Fuck off.

  3. Xrazy420 says:

    Dead serious. Just like the 500,000 dead Iraqi children the US are responsible for from 1990-2001.. Dead serious like the genocide the US fully sponsored by the Indonesians on Eat Timor..

  4. omgaflyingmonkey says:

    Wait you’re serious right now?

  5. Xrazy420 says:

    If you do a little more digging, you will find that before 2002, Afghanistan only produced 10% or the world’s opium trade. Therefore, one can assume the invasion of the US military (being the only major event in that year), is directly responsible for a 900% spike in heroine production. If one continues to dig further, then one will find actual US marines harvesting, packaging, and selling the opiates via the CIA. So, actually the problem isn’t “Afghans”.. It is the blood thirsty US government.

  6. msuki7 says:

    If Vice had a dick, I would suck it.

  7. TheGamingMagician says:

    Nissan Skyline 2000gt at 0:13

  8. thetoughguy7 says:

    so being poor is cool huh? lmao what a retard. go kill yourself, dumb arrogant paki douche. 

  9. SonnyA89 says:


  10. Ale Schmidtler says:

    They may have heard of it, but unfortunately they don’t have a ready supply of birth control items and even if they did, most likely would not be able to afford to buy any. :(

  11. larcm3 says:

    This guy’s Urdu is horrible.

  12. AustinOpp says:

    You sir speak truth. America’s government is the biggest mafia/gang there is. All they care about is money.

  13. KrustysAwesome says:

    I noticed that at 6:05 Suroosh backed tucked his arm away and backed up when that junkie brought the needle a little closer.

    Can’t say I blame the guy.

  14. chakazulu87 says:

    Base heads are universal no shortage of those.

  15. dell1940 says:

    Am Pakistani and this dude is Urdu is off just like my lol maybe i should go with these guys next time not really working in the USA for me i need a Job Vice


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