Karachi Metal Bro – Noisey Special #21 – Karachi Video

VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi travelled to Karachi to throw VICE’s first ever party in Pakistan. Watch VICE Guide to Karachi www.youtube.com ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: www.youtube.com Videos, daily editorial and more: www.noisey.com Like Noisey on Facebook: fb.com Follow Noisey on Twitter: twitter.com Read our tumblr: noiseymusic.tumblr.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Karachi Metal Bro – Noisey Special #21 – Karachi Video”

  1. MrTOKUKITA says:

    I am VERY SORRIE….i am very sorrie!!

  2. mfdogboy says:

    ur stuppud

  3. shabs124 says:


  4. Nack Jicolson says:

    I have a crush on Aziza… : )

  5. arushbhai says:

    Ive been to this place and let me tell you something about this place. 90% of these kids come from DHA (Defence housing authority) and they are loaded with cash. They are basically those liberal kids who smoke weed and cry when people cut down trees. Sex, weed, and music, this is their life. It almost feels like the 60s america.

  6. gorgage baloch says:

    dear sis plz visit balochistan ..and show reality of balochistan …pakistani army and agency killing innocent baloch childeren ..mothers …old men …plz

  7. felixbaele1993 says:

    i’d rather have her head than an all american chick

  8. sfksoldier says:

    unless she got her head cut off by now… 😀 :(

  9. meshlife88 says:

    The driver is Skrillex.

  10. felixbaele1993 says:

    i want to marry the flyer maker

  11. CriticalPedagogy says:

    At first I thought it was a Los Crudos shirt…she’s bad man!!!

  12. CriticalPedagogy says:

    WOW! Pakistani girl with an Emiliano Zapata shirt! Fuckin on another level! Aziza!!!!!!!!!

  13. suhasht says:

    he thinks the term “true norwegian black metal” is “from his book”

    lol fail

  14. pWnographist says:

    You and millions of other people.

  15. pWnographist says:

    A guy named Osama…who picked them up at the airport…?

  16. jvemPiRe14 says:

    wat do u mean by westernized pics of karachi. as in like cool black metal bands? thats a bad thing to show??!?

  17. MineIsHuge says:

    black metal!!!!! these folks kick ass id love to meet them

  18. zakyzeek says:

    Okay, calm down kid.

  19. zakyzeek says:

    *MW2 is shit

  20. 223Hadoken says:

    NO it was Butt-Naked

  21. 223Hadoken says:

    Pause at 2:02 a Zapata shirt :) ,,,,,,, And she looks hot too

  22. 223Hadoken says:

    Stupid Dick fuck off MW2 is the shit and i also have MW3

  23. Muslim Muslim says:

    What’s with the naked Muslim


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