COD4 Jumps & Glitches – Karachi Bounces – Karachi Video

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20 Responses to “COD4 Jumps & Glitches – Karachi Bounces – Karachi Video”

  1. MrZigeuner97 says:


  2. adamcar00 says:

    Play mw2 before saying that,look at the friggin deagle,congrats…its a custom map ._.

  3. bolt3200 says:

    Are you you retarded?

  4. CallofDutyJam3Z says:

    Dis is mw2 twat

  5. TeamOBnOR says:

    yes? Use fraps 60 fps half/full size :)

  6. carbon713 says:

    so what? can u do this?

  7. applecorp1 says:

    literly 2 comments below – ayah arar unstoppable

  8. RemarkableEdits says:

    i dont see the song name pls?

  9. applecorp1 says:

    posted above

  10. applecorp1 says:

    posted above

  11. applecorp1 says:

    its a cod 4 custom map

  12. applecorp1 says:

    unstoppable ayah marar metrik remix

  13. TehRayZen says:


  14. TodSincGames says:

    Karachi is on MW2 not Cod4

  15. crapkid007 says:

    song name?

  16. alpha493 says:

    Your stupid as fuck.

  17. alpha493 says:

    Song name anybody?

  18. alpha493 says:

    No a guy was flagging thier videos and he allready flagged two they said that they thought he would most likely flag them again but the person has not so its all good in the hood at least for now

  19. jakechichigo1ofdeath says:

    I thought they were being shutdown from youtube???!!!
    Not that i want them to or nothing.

  20. HaR13yz says:

    why do you have editing on a bounces video? lol


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