Nice Karachi Wrist Twist – Karachi Video

Another clip from Boom_exe subscribe to his channel

5 Responses to “Nice Karachi Wrist Twist – Karachi Video”

  1. CantDodgeOurBullets says:

    it was a 1080 btw

  2. CantDodgeOurBullets says:

    i posted this when i just started this channel of and i just wanted to upload and i bet you cant hit this

  3. Aqua Clan says:

    You say my old clan is gay but ur posting 360

  4. CantDodgeOurBullets says:

    Welcome to Bliss Grizzies Ep.1 Grizzie Gone Wild Ep.1 Enjoy.Cheers :)

  5. SPawN TuNiX says:

    Anyone pause and read wAT his classes were called?


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