Pak Media On How 91 Percent Of Pakistani City Karachi’s Water Is Undrinkable 2017 – Karachi Video

Pak media discussing how the Supreme Court Of Pakistan called the Chief Minister of Sindh (one of the provinces of pakistan) after it was revealed that the condition of water in Pakistan’s biggest city and economic hub Karachi’s water was undrinkable due to dumping of factory wastage and garbage in the water. Pak media saying 91 percent of drinking water situation is like this in Karachi. In SC Sindh CM said if the condition of Karachi’s water is not good then the condition of water in Punjab also not good, according to pak media. Pak media saying that Sindh CM should focus on the working of his govt. and fix the things in Karachi, rather than pointing fingers at others. Pak media also saying that this type of behaviors from the Sindh government is not new, they always try to point fingers at other and this type of behaviors put Karachi in this situation where courts had to take action against te govt. to fix the condition of Karachi. Pak media anchors Rauf Klasra, Amir Mateen and Sarwat Valim go into the details of these stories.


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