US declaration

US President Donald Trump has recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and decided to relocate the US Embassy there. The controversial decision has not only invited the wrath of Muslim-majority countries, but other countries like Britain and Russia have also condemned Trump’s move. Many political analysts have opined that the decision will act as a catalyst for wider violent confrontations between Israel forces and the Palestinian people. This will also pave the way for strong protests before the US’s and Israel’s embassies across the Muslim world. Trump’s credibility and competency have been challenged once again and this move will prove to be another nail in the coffin.

The UN should immediately respond to this impartial, illegitimate, and inconclusive action. Besides, the OIC, Arab League, and a recently formed coalition of 39-Muslim countries should build pressure on the international communities, including the UN, the EU, the ICJ, and other human rights organisations so…

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